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Eye-catching Borka and Hijab Collection

Borka Bangladesh

From Abaya / kaftan, beautiful royal blue borka, sherwani black borka, black & white printed borka, party borka to bridal hijab, long hijab and worna hijab Irani Boka Bazar have exceptionally well and huge collection of eye-catching borka and hijab collection in Bangladesh. According to the Islamic Shariah, women are required to cover their body […]

The Best Collection of Borka in Bangladesh

The Best Collection of Borka in Bangladesh

Borka and Hijab Collection in Bangladesh There is no doubt that both the borka, hijab and niqab have an Islamic basis, and have been commonly practiced and recognized by Muslims throughout history. All the Islamic texts make it very clear that the Borka and hijab is compulsory for Muslim women to wear. Therefore, many Islamic […]